Monday, March 23, 2009

Camera hater and heaven on a spoon

Why does my child hate the camera so much? His smiles and laughs are the cutest and I can't share them with anyone. For example, Thomas had Cullen laughing out loud today....I mean, he was completely cracking up with a huge grin. However, as soon as I get the camera out to document this event he goes straight faced. One of these days I will catch his oh so handsome grins =)

In other news, have you ever tried this? It's Ciao Bella sorbetto (I've never had the gelato), but I swear it is heaven on a spoon. My favorite ones SO FAR (although I am sure I will enjoy them all) are the blood orange and blackberry cabernet with actual wine in it. YUM!


nancy said...

heh. Don't you just hate that???

Thanks for the comment today. I haven't been over here in a bit because when I'm behind, it the "parenting" blogs of mine that suffer. I have only a few folders in my reader and I always check the "ttc" ones first, checking for any new BFPs and anyone needing support. Then I check the pregnant blogs. Only after that do I check the parenting blogs. It's lame, I know. So when I saw your comment, I immediately clicked over. I did a quite once through (i'm trying to get this stupid video thing to work) and I saw the newest picture of mister cullen. He's just amazing Katie!

Jen said...

I'm lucky in that Jillian is surprisingly good for the camera. If we wait long enough and keep asking "where's your smiles" in a sing song voice I can get great pics. I should post the outtakes sometime though.

The problem I run into is that she gets shy around people so they are always disappointed when they don't get to see all her smiles in real-life!