Thursday, April 17, 2008

I really need to be on salary

Honestly by 3pm everyday I am completely done with my work, and sit at my desk on the internet until I am allowed to punch out at 5. Even my manager says this job needs to be salary, but my company won't change it. Today was incredibly boring as will tomorrow be because it is the end of the semester and there just isn't a lot happening around here. I understand how people can abuse the power of being "salary" but seriously, I am literally getting paid to sit on my butt. Now I know that people will say "oh, there is always things to do at work" whether it be cleaning your desk or better organizing files, etc, but here's the thing with that. My company doesn't give jack shit about the "exceptional worker" because they aren't will to acknowledge their excellence. The more you are wiling to do, the more they add that to your job description instead of saying it is "above and beyond" what you were hired for. For example, there is a lady that I work with who has been here for years and is involved in everything known to man raisers, meetings, parties, name it, she does it. Do you know what her annual raise is? 4% because that is the cap my company will you know what mine is? 3.5% and I have days where I sit at my desk ALL DAY LONG, but I get my work done. Oh and now that she has done all of those things in the past, she is expected to do them again in the future or her yearly eval level is actually lowered even though NONE of that is her actual job description.

Does anyone else see an issue here? So, the way I see it....why do any of that crap to begin with if you aren't going to get acknowledged for a job well done and then get "demerited" if you don't feel like taking that extra time one year even though you do your actual job wonderfully.

Maybe you say this is the talk of a bad worker? However, I don't think so....I have had a job since I was 16 and I'm a great worker....but I'm a worker that is tired of getting crapped on by her own company. I know most jobs aren't "fun", but this company takes the cake for craziness and disorganization. I really can't wait to start looking for something else closer to the end of this year.


La La said...

Hmm, sounds a lot like my company. Interesting. Nothing like being under-appreciated, huh? I'm sorry hun. I hope they either pull their heads out of their butts or you find something better soon.

Jen said...

At least they are paying you to sit around. One of my old jobs, they sent us home (which was nice) but we didn't make enough money that week.