Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Countdown! **Updated**

OK, so there are 3 days until my CF walk and as of this morning I haven't received any specific information about that day from the chapter head. Obviously I know where it is and what time to be there, but I haven't been given a map of the walking route, rain plans, food and refreshment info (are lunch, snacks, or water provided?), things like that. I just feel that at this point in the game, all of this stuff should have been sent out to team leaders. Just saying.

Update: I did finally get a call today for any final details, however I am now sort of bummed. As it turns out, the walk in my area is NOT a 10K like the national website's only 3 miles (technically not even a 5K, but pretty close). I felt great walking that 5K 2 weeks ago, and I was really excited about upping my distance. Poop!

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Jen said...

Yeah, you should know all that stuff by now!