Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I love this phrase, and I especially LOVE it when people completely get it wrong and really have no idea what they are talking about. Who or what decides when someone becomes "well-versed" at it experience, education, the opinion of others, or can we self proclaim ourselves as "well-versed"? I think this latter option can just make you end up looking stupid in some instances. Case in point:

"If I get pregnant before I ovulate, would I still get the discharge like any other cycle?" This was a question posed on a message board I used to frequent quite regularly. After several ladies trying to politely tell this woman you cannot get pregnant before you ovulate, this was her response:

"Well I am pretty well versed with TTC and I know that you can get pregnant any day of your cycle...even during AF. " Then she proceeds to say: "I have tracked my CD and we go off that schedule of when to BD but a year later it is still not happening. ...... I guess I am just trying to give myself false hope of getting pregnant this cycle because we BD immediately after AF and none during my O because of our grueling and stressful work schedules."

I have a few issues with this. Number one, her question and statements contradict each other because she wants to know if she can get pregnant before she O's (an obvious no here) but then she goes on to say that she has been keeping track of her CD's to know when to BD. What exactly is she keeping track of if she thinks you can, and I quote "get pregnant any day of your cycle" AND if she actually believes that why does she think it is false hope if she BD'ed after AF and not around O. If she actually believed her own statement, it wouldn't matter when she BD'ed and her hope would not be *false*. Oh, and if she has no clue about the Oing thing, it's no surprise it has taken her over a year so far....stupidity is not a medical condition hun. And finally, a third thing...based on her question I am assuming this women is not getting her normal O EWCM (if she even knows what that is) this is most likely due to the fact she states later that she is completely stressed with work and such. Here's a lesson...your O is probably delayed from all the stress you are under, NOT the fact you got pregnant, haha.

Does this sound like a person who is "well-versed" to you? I think not...over and out!

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jennifercarol said...

LOL! Somebody getting pregnant before they even release an egg would practially be an equivelant to the immaculate conception. What an idiot!