Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hi! I'm here, and a request.

Things have been quite crazy these days (check my other blog for more details), but even through all of that we managed to finish the kitchen and bathroom 2 days before Cullen made his arrival (Pictures to come soon, I promise). Also, as I mentioned, now that I'm not pregnant anymore my everyday blog will be moved over here that will be filled with things about my life as a new mom, everyday occurences, work, and yes even going back to school.

However, enough about me, my main reason for this post was to tell everyone to send good thoughts to my friend Nancy because her Father had some unexpected heart complications and ended up needing quadruple bypass surgery. He got through surgery well, but there is still quite a bit of road to recovery, so if you could, please keep her in your thoughts.

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Jen said...

Hooray for Cullen!

I'll keep Nancy's family in my thoughts.