Friday, November 7, 2008

Feeling accomplished

About 10 weeks ago, Thomas and I set out on Operation "Get House Ready for Baby" that included a long list of MAJOR things to do (that of course included a million little steps along the way); and because we only have 3 weeks left until my due date and an expected arrival date of earlier than that I am going to share with you my list, along with all the things that have been completed (noted in blue).

~Get spare room cleaned out
~Paint nursery
~Furnish and organize nursery (this one is light blue because I *almost* done with it...I just need my glider)
~Buy needed baby items (bedding, carseat, stroller, swing, etc)
~Install car seat bases in both cars
~Pack hospital bag
~Wash, separate and hang baby clothes
~Organize basement to create play space for dogs
~Organize laundry room/office space
~Knock out opening in wall between kitchen and living room
~Rip up floor in bathroom and kitchen
~Rip out cabinets and countertops with sink in kitchen
~Have re-bath come in to update bathroom
~Remove bathroom vanity
~Tile floor it kitchen and bathroom
~Seal tiled floor
~Replace and install cabinets, countertops and sink in kitchen (again, it is so close to being done and the last cabinet and countertop area is being installed tomorrow)
~Buy and install new appliances (including dishwasher, which we didn't have before)
~Replace and install new bathroom vanity (it's a vessel sink and I LOVE it)
~Encase opening in wall
~Clean floors and furniture after all construction is complete.

Seriously, I am feeling WAY accomplished. Now, I must also say that there is no way in the world Thomas and I would have gotten this done without my family's help (especially my Mom and Dad) who have done a lot of the work themselves because my dad used to be in construction and my Mom pitched in because no one would really let me do the hard stuff given my current state, haha. I'm so excited to post pictures of the final product! I currently don't have the before pictures on this computer (they are on my other laptop that crashed) but trust's a HUGE improvement seeing as my house was built in the 1950's.......


Jen said...

You are accomplished! Wow! You guys have been working hard.

Jendeis said...

Oh my gosh!! I am so proud of the two of you -- you guys are awesome!! (If you really feel the need, JD and I will welcome you to do things at our house. j/k.)