Thursday, November 4, 2010

Update needed

Apparently I need to update things around here. For those who wondered (btw, thank you!) I did make it out of the hospital that Monday after a 5 day "vacation". Unfortunately however 2 weeks later I got sick again with chest congestion and a days, let me tell ya...but since then I have been feeling pretty well and Im back to working out again, which helps tremendously.

Other life happenings have been going on as Father in law passed away in Sept. and we went to the beach in mid October. Im still working nights as of right now, but I've been actively trying to find a new job.

I am going to write a more in depth post about each thing, but right now I will leave you with some of my favorite shots throughout the last few months.....

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jenn said...

I am so glad to see a post from you! I'm sorry it has been such a challenge these past months, but I hope you continue to be healthy & that you find a new job soon!
Those photos are gorgeous- I can not get over how much he has grown up. Even though I have my own toddler now- it really just amazes me to see our little babes turn into these awesome kids overnight!