Thursday, November 25, 2010

Back to my roots

Ya know, it's funny, when you go through IF even when you aren't trying, anything that has to do with your "cycle" takes your brain to that TTC place. For example, I am currently off BC. No, we aren't trying right now, and I was fairly happy with the BC I was on (Nuvaring) but Thomas and I were trying to cut any extra monthly expenses out and barrier methods (ie spermacide) are a lot cheaper. Plus I'm going back to my gyno in Jan and I am going to try and convince her to give me the patch (which I love)....however if not (because she really doesn't like it) I am probably going to stay off BC because we *might* starting trying in about a year or so. So this is my first cycle off BC and here have been some of the things I have been keeping "track" of...

CD....currently(based on the fact it's technically the 26th) I am on cd30
CM....mostly creamy, no EWCM to speak of
FD....because of our schedules this month we have only FD'd once, on cd12 to be exact.
Signs of impending AF...I know since this is my first cycle it may take a bit to adjust, but this week I have been super bloated and my boobs are tender so I'm hoping these are signs of her arrival. My cycles off BCP were usually 30-36 days. Even though we aren't trying, being "regular" is least I know what to expect.

I am also trying out different barrier methods other than condoms. So far I have tried the films...hated them, plus it gave me a yeast infection...blah! And now we are going to try the little spermacide inserts instead...we will see. Has anyone had any experience with these? Like, dislike?

Lastly, has anyone out there experienced weight gain after coming off BC, particularly the nuvaring? While on it, I maintained my normal weight....however since stopping it at the end of last month I have gaind 6-7 lbs! No diet changes, no activity changes....the only thing that changed was coming off of BC. Is that normal? When we started to try back in 2005 I was coming off the pill and never had this problem. Any thoughts?

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