Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I was nominated by Megan for the Mood Swings and Addictions award. Rules: post your 5 addictions and then nominate people....easy enough right? I would like to thank Megan for the opportunity to post more about myself ;-)

1.) Candy: Specifically twizzlers, starbursts and gummi worms or bears. Apparently it amazes my husband how much of these I can consume at times. When we were first dating we drove up to see his family in Richmond and on the way there we stopped at a gas station. I of course got a pack of starbursts. About 20 minutes later I laid my trash in the floor and Thomas goes "You finished ALL of those already?!?!" Nowadays he knows if he needs to "make-up" to me, surprise candy usually gets him back on the good side.

2.) TV Crime dramas: NCIS and Criminal Minds specifically....LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them. In another life I would love to be a part of the "BAU".

3.) Taking pictures of my son: Self-explanatory....honestly I can't get enough of the child right now.

4.) Japanese's my favorite. Rice should be it's own food group in my opinion....yes I know it is part of a food group, but lets not get technical here, you know what I mean. In other words....I love rice....and all the yummy oriental flavors.

5.) Brushing my teeth: I simply cannot stand that "feeling" of dirty teeth. YUCK.

So, there ya go....and for my nominations I'm cheating a bit and opening it to everyone who wants to share a little more about themselves on their blog =)

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nancy said...

maybe i shouldn't do a blog about addictions ~wink~ but I liked reading yours.

Hope all is going well with you katbug. I miss you!