Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'll take the newborn please.

Sleep.....glorious sleep, how I miss thee....

When Cullen was a baby and I was learning my way around this new mom stuff I didn't blog a lot about sleep (or potentially lack there of) because honestly it didn't seem that "bad" to me....at least not at first in the new stage....later on (around 4-6 months) I got burnt out but that was in related to other topics in my life at the moment. Yes, I was tired....but with Cullen, sleep was a pretty good issue, as in he would eat and then go right back to bed....so really I was never constantly tired. Then he started sleeping through the night around 12 weeks, so everything was good.

Let me just say, payback is a bitch I guess.

Like I mentioned before, I am now working nights.....7p to 7a, three days a week (weekends) and have school during the week....so sleep is now a HUGE issue for me. Let's just review my weekend up until now.....

~got up around 7am on Friday morning
~went to work that night around 6:15 and got home around 7:30am on Saturday morning
~slept from 8:30am to 10:30am
~ran errands
~went to bed around 10pm, got up at 7am Sunday
~spent the day with family
~went to work at 6:15pm Sunday
~Got home at 7:30 Monday morning
~slept from 8:30 to 1:30
~went back to work at 6:15 Monday night
~Got off at 7:30am today
~Class from 8 to 9:50
~Ran errands from 10 til 12:30
~slept from 1:30 to 3:30
~ran errands and picked up Cullen, dinner, and now it's about 9:30 at night

Let's tally this up.

Hours sleeping since Friday morning=18 hours
Total hours of time since Friday morning at 7am=110

But more than the lack of amount of sleep, when I sleep plays a role in everything too....I sleep random hours, and usually not solid...more like naps than a designated sleep time everyday.

And, the most ironic thing about all of this is part of my job is very similar to taking care of little ones....except imagine changing the diaper, and/or helping to the bathroom, and cleaning/washing a 130 to 200+ pound adult with limited mobility.

Trust me, I would take the new mom/new baby sleep patterns and exhaustion any day of the week.

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nancy said...

Oh boy. That's a hard schedule Katie! I agree, sleep is huge. Allison didn't sleep through the night until she was 2 so I was a freaking walking zombie.

Keep it up though! You are doing great!