Monday, May 18, 2009

A half a year later

I've been a bit slow on the blogging lately. No real reason that I feel like sharing right now, but I didn't blog about Thomas and I's anniversary (May 7th) or do a big Mothers Day post even though it was my true first. However, I am posting about this tidbit because it just just blows my mind: My son is 6 months old today!!!

Seriously, has it been 6 months? Has he really grown from this:

To this:

And at 6 months he can and does:

~Coo, babble, scream, smile and belly laugh (which he does all the time)
~Roll over both ways and subsequently all around the room.
~Sit up (a long time with assistance, a few minutes without)
~Purposely chose the toys he wants to play with
~Get upset when Baby Einstein ends
~One word....Teething
~Loves food. So far we have done cereal, peas, carrots, squash, apples and bananas (peas and banana's are the fav. so far)
~Loves bathtime
~And of course, prefers to be with Mom and Dad.

I love this time with him, watching him explore the world and learn each and every day. Happy half birthday sweet boy.


Jen said...

Where has the time gone! He looks soooo much like you!

Kelly said...

How can that even be possible?? What a cutie!!

Birdee said...

Happy 6 Month Sweet Baby Boy!