Friday, August 8, 2008

Favorite summer foods

Today is Aug. 8th and for the past 2 months I have been indulging in my favorite summer foods. Now to me, favorite summer foods are completely different than favorite foods in general. For example, I love sushi and could eat it any time of the, cold, dry, name the day and I'll eat sushi, but because of this it doesn't specifically remind me of summer. However, many things do, such as....

~Home grown tomato sandwiches (and yes, there is a difference)
~Fresh cherries right off the tree
~Homemade pickles (seriously, my dad should start a side business because omg his are yummy)
~Cucumber and peanut butter sandwiches (straight from the garden of course...the cukes, not the PB!)
~Salads with everything out of the garden
~Summer squash
~Fresh corn on the cob
~Vine grapes

Subsequently all of these foods also remind me of my childhood (can you tell I grew up in the country just a bit? lol). Summer foods always make me feel so healthy....and for me, healthy=happy =)

So, I ask you....what you your favorite summer foods?


Jen said...

I have to agree with you on the cherries and strawberries. Around here the Rainier cherries are the absolute best in my opinion. It's just too bad that they're like $5 a pound.

Other summer foods I like are ice cream and any sort of fruit dessert. Mmmmm!

MrsDrink said...

Definitely strawberries and blackberries! Ice cream, watermelon, hamburgers and hotdogs (although I'm sick of them now, lol) and corn on the cob! Anything BBQ or on the grill reminds me of summer!

Jen said...

Raspberries! Yum. And all the different summer fruits but mainly raspberries.

Cate said...

Raspberries. My parents have huge raspberry bushes in their back yard and I could sit back there and eat until I turned pink lol. Oh and cheddar brats, we have those almost once a week right now.